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Office of the Advisor of Students' Welfare

Office of the Advisor of Students' Welfare

In today’s world, globalization has created a lot of opportunities and at the same time huge competition. Only class room-based learning is not enough to seize the sustainable opportunity. Thus, the existing learning process needs to be developed further for mental growth, attitude, intellectual ability and inner qualities. A learning process can come in handy when student participates in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including debate, seminar, symposium, workshop, cultural program, community services program, games and sports of their own choice and preferences besides academic curriculum.

Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as well as welfare activities of students are operated by the Office of the Advisor of Students’ Welfare (ASW) in AUST. One Advisor and four Assistant advisors have been appointed in this office who play the central role in the development and growth of students in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These student activities are promoted through a number of student clubs. The clubs are:

  1. AUST Debate Club (AUSTDC)
  2. AUST Photography Club (AUSTPC)
  3. AUST Innovation and Design Club (AUSTIDC)
  4. AUST Cultural Club (AUSTCC)
  5. AUST Blood Donation Club (AUSTBDC)
  6. AUST Sports Club (AUSTSC)
  7. AUST Career Development Club (AUSTCDC)
  8. AUST Programming and Informatics Club (AUSTPIC)
  9. AUST Robotics Club (AUSTRC)
  10. AUST Environmental and Social Welfare Club (AUSTESWC)
  11. AUST Research and Publication Club (AUSTRPC)
  12. AUST Ahsanullah (R.) Peace Club (AUSTARPC)

AUST clubs arrange and participate in indoor and outdoor games, debates, seminars, workshops, cultural events, educational tours and various inter-state and intra-university tournaments under the supervision of ASW office. AUST students voluntarily participate in blood donation programs as main activity of AUSTBDC which are monitored by ASW office. Personal soft skill development program under “Duke of Edinburgh Award” is also directed by ASW Office.

The ASW office incorporates and integrates a variety of student activities for a better corporate life. This office strives to nurture students with a variety of activities of psychological, physical and cultural development to expand their overall personality and prepare them to compete with the rest of the world.

The ASW office is maintaining the serious responsibility to ensure the medical assistance for the students through the medical center existed in the AUST premises. The medical center provides first aid services to the students, faculty members and employees of AUST. A full-time physician and a staff nurse with essential apparatus and accessories are available at the medical center during office hours. 

The ASW office assists students in formulating and developing realistic career plan through the Career Counseling Center where a full time Career Counseling Officer (CCO) is present. The CCO provides an integrated range of high-quality career-oriented services that meet the needs of our graduating students and prepare them for professional success and explore possibilities of reaching the pinnacle of self-empowerment. 

The ASW office centrally organizes orientation program for freshers to familiarize with the academic life of the university and the farewell program for pass-out students. This office arranges various programs on national and international days and organizes seminars, job fair, workshops etc. in AUST campus. There is a welfare fund for distressed students in AUST which is also operated by this office.


The overall activities of the Office of the Advisor of Students’ Welfare (ASW) are divided in two major areas of operations.

1. External Activities

  • National & international Competitions
  • Community Service
  • Event Participation
  • Collaboration and Liaison with External Organizations

2. Internal Activities

  • Student Orientation and Farewell Program
  • Career Counseling for Students
  • Festival Celebration
  • Blood Donation Program
  • Students’ Extra-curricular Activities and Competitions
  • Financial Aid for Distressed Students
  • Event Organization (Job Fair, Seminar etc.)
  • Alumni Association Formation

The following members of the ASW office of AUST are ready to help you, if needed:

Advisor of Students' Welfare
Prof. Dr. Md. Meganur Rhaman

B.Sc. in EEE (AUST); M.Engg. and Ph.D. (BUET)


Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Ext: 619


Assistant Advisor of Students' Welfare
Mr. Siyam Quddus Khan

B.Sc. (Textile Engineering), AUST; M.Sc. (Textile Engineering), IIT, Delhi

Assistant Professor

Department of Textile Engineering

Ext: 704


Assistant Advisor of Students' Welfare
Md. Ajwad Anwar

B.Sc. (Civil Engineering), AUST; M.Sc. (Water Resources Engineering), BUET (On going)

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

Ext: 422


Assistant Advisor of Students' Welfare
Ms. Syeda Shabnam Hasan


Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering



Assistant Advisor of Students' Welfare
Mr. Shah Md. Ashiquzzaman Nipu


Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering



Ms. Amina Tayeaba Khan
Career Counseling Officer
Ms. Amina Tayeaba Khan


Ext: 1824


Medical Officer
Dr. Mohammad Khaled Hasan


Ext: 231


Staff Nurse
Jobida Gulsanara Bonna

Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery

Ext: 231