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AUST Cultural Club

Ahsanullah University Cultural Club (AUST CC) started its journey in the spring semester of 2018 with the motto of rejuvenation through culture. This club has been formed to promote cultural awareness among the students of AUST and to provide a common platform where songs, dances, acting, anchoring, recitation and other cultural performances can be nurtured and applauded. Among six objectives of this club, the first and most important one is to inspire the members to nourish their talents and building up the self-confidence as well as scopes to exhibit the talents. Keeping all the objectives in mind, AUSTCC highlights its presence through organizing different cultural programmes on various occasions like Pohela Baishakh, Bijoy Dibash and Falgun utshob.

This club is officially run by an Executive Committee (EC) comprising of eleven (11) members: President, Vice-present, Treasurer, General Secretary, Joint Secretary and General members. Two faculty members are assigned from the University authority to play the roles of the President and the Treasurer so that all the club activities can be monitored and properly guided without violating the rules and regulations of the university.

Apart from organizing programmes and events, the club has also excelled in doing some routine jobs e.g., member registration for four consecutive semesters, providing the members with scopes of nourishing their talents through ensuring their participation at different times and on different occasions, facilitating the members with giving an identity card, and so on. The Cultural Club of Ahsanullah University is proudly marching with a team of total 1045 members at present. All of them share a common interest which is enlightening the inner self through the participation in traditional and cultural activities. AUSTCC works for developing students’ leadership and administrative skills while encouraging them to enrich our Bangladeshi culture.

Our Campus Activities

AUSTCC organized its first programme on April 30, 2018 to celebrate the occasion of ‘Pohela Baishakh 1425’ in the University premises. The next programme was organized on the occasion of an international conference held at AUST. The conference was hosted by the Department of Textile Engineering and there were performances from the cultural club as the closing ceremony of the conference on March 6, 2019. In continuation with the previous programme AUSTCC didn’t miss to greet the Bengali New Year 1426 again. To note on its more recent activities, as Spring starts with colourful festivities, AUST cultural club has also celebrated the first day of Spring, Pohela falgun with songs and dances.To welcome the colourful rejuvenation of nature Boshonto Boron-1426 took place on February 13, 2020. Representing our age-old traditions and cultural practices, stalls of different commodities and foods are also decorated and displayed at the RedX and T.T ground of the university area while celebrating the occasion with vibrant performances.

Recent Activities