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Office of the Treasurer

Office of the Treasurer

The Office of the Treasurer plays the role as a service unit to the University Community and has university-wide responsibilities. It serves the need of the University. Its mission is to ensure effective stewardship of the resources to enable the university to achieve its objectives of education, research and public service. Treasurer’s office carries out activities that include:


Treasurer’s office prepares and presents various reports to the management at regular intervals of time. On the basis of analysis of these reports, Treasurer’s office assists the management in the policy and division making process.


It is indeed the goal of Treasurer’s Office to provide innovative financial advice and guidance.  

Personnel of the Office of the Treasurer

Prof. Dr. Mustafizur Rahman

M.Sc. (DU), Ph.D. (London), DIC (Imperial College, London), Post-doctoral Associate (USA)

Prof. Dr. Mustafizur Rahman
APS to Treasurer
Mr. Md. Ahasan Habib

M.A. (JU); MBA (Marketing), AUST; B.P.Ed. (Dhaka)

Prof. Dr. Mustafizur Rahman
Section Officer (Accounts)
Mr. Md. Masum Billa
Prof. Dr. Mustafizur Rahman
Administrative Officer (Accounts)
Mr. Md. Abdullah Al Mamun
Prof. Dr. Mustafizur Rahman
Asst. Admin Officer (Accounts)
Mr. Syed Emran Ali


Prof. Dr. Mustafizur Rahman
Asst. Admin Officer (Accounts)
Ms. Salina Akter
Prof. Dr. Mustafizur Rahman
Asst. Admin Officer (Procurement)
Md. Newaz Sharif
Prof. Dr. Mustafizur Rahman
Ms. Farzana Ismat