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NOTIFICATION (Modified Schedule for Payment of Semester Fees, Spring-2022) | Extension of dates for payment of Semester Fees, Spring - 2022 (MBA/EMBA) | UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSION FALL – 2022 SEMESTER IS GOING ON | POSTGRADUATE ADMISSION (MBA/EMBA) IS GOING ON | SEMINAR ON NATURE OF MATHEMATICS & ITS POTENTIAL ROLE IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESH | Vacancy for Research Assistant (Department of EEE) | AUST and One Bank signed MoU, One Bank hands over Ambulance | শোক সংবাদ | Formation of AUST Research and Publication Club (AUSTRPC) | Notification (Sharaswati Puja) | Prof. Dr. Khondaker Abdullah Al Mamun an Alumni of AUST and a former faculty member of the CSE department, AUST has received the distinguished "Digital Bangladesh Award 2022" as the Best Individual in Technical-Private category | Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology won the 1st prize in IEOM Student Chapter Global Design Competition 2022
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Office of the Proctor

Office of the Proctor

The Office of the Proctor, launched in 2010, is designed to maintain healthy and smooth academic environment in the campus. The Proctor Team is formed with more or less, one faculty member as an Assistant Proctor from each Department along with the Proctor of the University, who is generally a senior Professor of the University. The team works to monitor the activities of the students in different areas of the campus to maintain discipline, and to monitor social media activities that may hamper the academic environment, ensure safety and security within the university premises. The team organizes periodic sessions for awareness regarding various disciplinary issues, for the students. Counseling in this regard is also a regular activity of the team. Proctor acts as a member secretary of the central Monitoring Cell of AUST. The Cell keeps an eye on the activities related to the awareness against bullying, sexual harassment, terrorism or religious extremism, use and possession of drugs through Departmental Monitoring Committees. In case of need after contacting the help of the guardians are also sought. The team is engaged to manage the AUST Hostel and AUST Cafeteria.

The Office of the Proctor discharges the duties and responsibilities mentioned in AUST statutes to maintain the cordial atmosphere in the campus among the students, faculty members and staff. The team tries to solve the problems of the students, faculty members and staff and monitors the gatherings for any ill motive in the university premises.

If someone (among the students, teachers or staff) needs to report something suspicious or report an incident immediately or feel stressed, threatened or concerned by someone’s behavior or for general security questions, they are free to contact any member of the office. The team is here to support, guide and advise anybody within the University premises. The team will respect the privacy of any individual and only use the information which they provide.

The team also receives complaints (both oral and written) directly or through the ‘Complaint Box’ where everyone is free to submit complaints. The team discusses the issue immediately and investigates the complaints in depth. After thorough investigation and maintaining appropriate mechanism, the team reaches a conclusion that is congenial to a perfectly harmonious educational environment.

If the team gets any complaint related to sexual harassment or eve teasing, it sends to the Sexual Abuse and Harassment Committee. This committee provides counseling and logistic support to survivors of sexual assault or eve teasing.

ID cards must be used only by the person to whom they have been issued. They must not be lent, given to or used by any other person to enter the university for which they have no authorized right of entry. Anyone possessing or using an unauthorized ID card to enter the university premises will be subject to disciplinary actions.

For any emergency within the campus, call anyone of the following team.

The following members of the Proctor office of AUST are ready to help you, if needed:

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saiful Islam Mallik

M.Sc. SUST; M.Phil. BUET; Ph.D. SUST

Professor of Mathematics, Department of Arts and Sciences

Ext: 1810


Phone: 01716798078

Room No: 5A01-16

Assistant Proctor
Mr. Naimul Aziz

B.Arch. (BUET); M. Arch. (BUET)

Associate Professor, Department of Architecture

Ext: 243


Assistant Proctor
Mr. Md. Shariful Islam

B.Sc. Engg. (EEE), BUET; M.Sc. Engg. (EEE), BUET

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Ext: 616


Assistant Proctor
Dr. A.K.M. Mobarok Hossain

B.Sc. Engg. (Tex. Tech.)[CTT, DU (Present BUTEX)]; M.Engg. (AEM, IPE), BUET Ph.D. (Mech. Engg.), BUET

Associate Professor, Department of Textile Engineering

Ext: 718


Assistant Proctor
Ms. Qamrun Nahar Eity

B.Sc. Engg.(CSE), AUST, M.Sc.(CSE), UIU

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Ext: 502


Assistant Proctor
Mr. Md. Munirul Islam

B.Sc. Engg. (Civil), AUST; M.Sc. Engg. (Structure-ongoing), AUST

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering



Assistant Proctor
Ms. Humaira Nafisa Ahmed

B.Sc. Engg (IPE) AUST; M.Sc. Engg (IPE - Ongoing), BUET

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering

Ext: 233


Assistant Proctor
Md. Arif Mahmud Shuklo Shoshe

B.Sc. Engg. (ME), BUET; M.Sc. Engg. (ME), BUET

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering

Ext: 266


Assistant Proctor
Mr. Jahangir Alam


Lecturer (Grade-1), School of Business

Ext: 258


Assistant Administrative Officer
Mr. Md. Abul Kalam Azad

B.A. (Hons), M.A. (Bangla), RU

Ext: 249


The students are required to follow all the rules and regulations of the University including those related to discipline. There are penalties ranging from monetary fine to expulsion from the University depending on the nature of offences committed by the students.

Penalties for Offences

A. Minor Offences Penalties

Smoking in the campus

Playing cards in the campus

Playing cricket/football/ hockey/ basketball/

volleyball/ badminton etc. in the campus.

ID cards will be seized by the authority.

  1. Fine of Tk. 1000/- each first time
  2. Fine of Tk. 2000/- each second time
  3. Expulsion for one semester(suspended) or fine Tk. 10,000/ - in third tim
  4. Expulsion from the university in fourth time
Not carrying AUST ID cards in the campus Fine of Tk. 500/- each time.
Damage of properties like curtains, glasses, electric wires, appliances, laboratory equipment, overhead/ multimedia projectors, reading materials or any other such facilities Monetary fine double the cost of the damaged materials/object as decided by the concerned Head.
Writing/splashing of paints on the wall, floor, glass or any other such other things. Warning/monetary fine ranging from Tk. 1000/- to Tk. 5000/- each
Expulsion for one semester from the university for repeated violations as decided by the Disciplinary Committee.
Tampering, altering or destroying any authorized notice or poster.
Shouting/bickering in the classroom, laboratory, library, passage etc.
Organizing/ forming societies, clubs etc. other than those authorized by the university
Publication of unauthorized bulletins/ magazines/ souvenirs/ journal etc.
Unauthorized use of loud speakers
Unauthorized playing of musical or similar instruments Warning/monetary fine ranging from Tk. 500/- to Tk. 2000/- each.
Spitting, sitting on stairways, walls, gates, railings, exits and passages.
Other Minor Offences Monetary fine/ Expulsion from the University
B. Major Offence Penalties
Major Offences like Ragging, violence, assaulting, misbehaving and harassing teachers, employees and females etc. Monetary fine/ Expulsion from the University for good.

Students are asked to take note of all the rules and regulations of the University including those related to examinations and follow those carefully. Students are warned not to involve in activities causing the breach of discipline. It is expected that they should maintain discipline so that the authority will not be compelled to take any disciplinary action against them.

Students found in any form of RAGGING will be expelled for good from the university.