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Date: 2024-02-08

School of Business (SoB) Sporting Events – Spring 2023

The sporting events organized by the Business Society of School of Business (SoB), Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) were held on 8th and 9th December 2023. Both boys and girls participated enthusiastically to show their sportsmanship. Every batch from the AUST School of Business took part in this competition. Rather than instilling a sense of competition, the primary goal of organizing a tournament of this kind is to give students a stage on which to present their cricket strategies. The tournament's goals include giving students a chance to play cricket, helping them show off their skills in a lighthearted setting, instilling teamwork in them, and enhancing their sense of sportsmanship. SoB Cricket Tournament Spring 2023 is a flagship event of the AUST Business Society and usually takes place once a semester. Similarly, in this semester’s event, we had eight current batch teams divided into two groups. The final match was an exciting one. In this intense match, (First Year/First Semester Batch) defeated (Second Year/Second Semester).  It was a successful tournament. The Teachers and students enjoyed the excitement of the festival.

Sob Faculties with Head of the department disbursed trophies to the winners

Moreover, there were events for the girls too which were held at TT ground, and they participated both in Red Light- Green Light and Pillow Passing. Samiya Nur from the First Year/ First Semester became champion in Red Light-Green Light, and Farhana Azam Tasneem from the Second Year/ Second Semester became champion in Pillow Passing.

Since we believe that our students should develop their minds while installing positive values like teamwork and sportsmanship, we try to motivate students to develop their skills rather than focusing on winning and losing. However, we acknowledge student participation and achievements by awarding them with medals, different individual awards, and Champion, Runners Up Trophies.

SoB Faculties with the participants