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Date: 2024-01-23

Webinar with Da'ee Muhammad Mushfiqur Rahman Minar Guiding University Students Towards Enlightenment

Praise be to Allah.

In a recent enlightening webinar organized by the AUST Ahsanullah R. Peace Club (AUST ARPC), renowned Islamic speaker Da'ee Muhammad Mushfiqur Rahman Minar shared profound insights on the creation of the universe and the importance of gratitude towards Allah. The event, titled "Guiding University Students Towards Enlightenment," aimed to inspire AUST students on their journey of intellectual and spiritual development.

The main speaker, Muhammad Minar, who is well-known for his contributions in Bangla language to Islamic education, is an alumnus of Khulna University of Science and Technology (KUET), holding a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. With a deep commitment to Islamic outreach, he has been actively involved in addressing queries from those critical of Islam through various social media platforms.

The seminar's theme, "Guiding University Students Towards Enlightenment," focused on the challenges faced by students in universities and the importance of seeking knowledge in Islam. Muhammad Minar encouraged students to approach education with a sense of purpose, aligning their studies with Islamic principles. 

In conclusion, Da'ee Muhammad Minar Bhai's impactful seminar serves as a beacon for university students, guiding them towards enlightenment and encouraging a harmonious integration of education with Islamic values. His wealth of knowledge and commitment to Islamic outreach continue to inspire and enlighten individuals on their journey to seek truth.