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Date: 2022-01-29

AUSTCDC Celebrates World Automobile Day 2022

Since its inauguration, AUSTCDC never looked back and tried to make it up to its potential. AUSTCDC always shows its support to all the AUSTians and always tries to inspire them through its contribution. As a result, AUSTCDC celebrated World Automobile Day on 29th January.

This time, the AUST Career Development Club wanted to celebrate this day differently. Keeping this in mind, the idea was to bring the automobile teams of AUST on one screen and share their experiences with all the automobile enthusiasts.

To celebrate World Automobile Day, AUSTCDC invited representatives of 4 automobile teams from AUST who represented AUST internationally. The 4 automobiles teams were Team Abhijatrik, Team Red-X, Team Primus, and Team Swapnojan, represented by Asif Haq, Md Fahim Ahmmed, Sakib Hossain Khan, and Shakiluzzaman Shaon, respectively

Our goal was to make this session informative and exciting for all automobile enthusiasts. That's why we streamed the program live on Facebook! The program started at 7:00 pm by welcoming the guest, and each of the representative guests introduced themselves.

Asif Haq from Team Abhijatrik was given the floor first to share his experience related to automobile competitions. He started from scratch and shared insight into how they prepared for the competition, formed a team, managing the funds, and much more.

Following him, Md Fahim Ahmmed shared his journey in international automobile competitions on behalf of Team Red-X. He focused on different challenges they faced both locally and internationally and shared ways of solving them. His eloquent and persuasive speech inspired automobile enthusiasts. He also shared the experience of Team Red-X during the foreign competition. 

After that, another guest Sakib Hossain Khan representing Team Primus, shared insights about his team, the challenges they faced, and all the sweet and bitter memories regarding the international automobile competitions.

Last but not least, Shakiluzaman Shaon from Team Swapnojan was asked about his experience in automobile competitions. Although Team Swapnojan didn't participate in any dynamic competitions, they've participated in Formula Bharat virtually due to the pandemic situation and shared the challenges they faced and the awards they won with all the automobile enthusiasts present at that time.

Lastly, our audience who joined this program through Facebook Live asked a few questions in the comment section regarding automobile competitions, and our guests answered all of them.

Our guests wished good luck to all the automobile enthusiasts who want to participate in the upcoming automobile competitions and represent AUST globally. They also said that they're always open to helping them in any need. They highly emphasized balancing academics and automobile competitions.

The session ended around 8:30 pm, thanking all who were present, for making it fruitful. The club believes this session was helpful for automobile enthusiasts as they could know about the real-life experiences and challenges of the top automobile teams of AUST!