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Date: 2024-02-04

AUSTDC Kalpurush achieved title of Champion

AUSTDC Kalpurush recently participated in the ATS-DUDS Anti-Violent Extremism Debating Competition, organized by Dhaka University Debating Society, and became Champion. The debating team, consisting of Mohammad Saif Rahman, Noman Mridha and Sheikh Asif, showcased exceptional skills during the competition. AUSTDC Kalpurush secured the 3rd position in the tab round, earing the highest speaker mark among the 32 participating teams. Individually, Sheikh Asif earned the distinguished titles of Debater of the Tournament and Debater of the Final, boasting an impressive average of 78.50 at the tab stage. Additionally, Mohammad Saif Rahman claimed the 3rd position with a notable average of 78, while Noman Mridha secured the 4th position with an average of 77.75. AUST family expresses heartiest congratulations to all members of AUSTDC.