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Date: 2023-05-23

Department of Architecture Organized Spring 2022 Semester Thesis Jury

The Architecture Department at Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) recently organized a 'Final Year Thesis Jury' for the Spring 2022 Semester, in continuation of its long tradition of excellence. From May 02, 2023, to May 03, 2023, a total of 43 students from the 39th batch presented their thesis projects to a jury board consisting of eminent architects.

Students are presenting their thesis project in front of large audience

The students presented their final thesis projects to the jury panel, which reflected their comprehensive abilities and learning outcomes from the previous five years of study as well as their extraordinary efforts during the final semester. The 39th graduating class from the Department of Architecture has demonstrated their competence in a wide range of architectural contexts and scales. Everyone presented their project in chronological order, outlining the project's background, methodology, and any relevant architectural concerns through the use of appropriate drawings and 3D representation. Notable projects which earned enormous appreciation from the jurors were Remodeling Krishi Market, Muhammadpur by Golam Kibria Khan; Development of Ramgarh Landport by Syed Farhan Faiaz; KDA New Market, Khulna by M. M. Arifur Rahman; CDA Karnaphuli Market, Agrabad, Chowmohoni, Chittagong by Marzia Jahan Raisa; Re-development of Savar Nama Bazar, Savar by MD. Refayet Hossain Nion; স্বপ্ন উপনিবেশ: A Settlement to Revive from Disaster Crisis by Faria Afrin; Paneer Makers Social Evolution in Astagram, Kishoreganj by Najavi Hoque Emon; Cosmology Museum & Research Centre by Md. Wakiul Alam; Sheikh Russel Bird Aviary & Eco Research Facility by K. M. Ashraf Uddin, among 43 design projects.

Jurors critically evaluating the thesis projects

Students from AUST and other architectural schools took a keen interest in the Department's activities, and their presence and involvement transformed the environment into a vibrant hub of youthful energy and good spirits. Distinguished faculty, AUST alums, internationally acclaimed architects, and other professionals attended the event which produced immense inspiration for the students. Visitors and faculty members of the Department of Architecture discussed the design proposal and provided insightful feedback based on their extensive expertise. The setting was lively, with people offering both praise and criticism of the projects on display. The majority of the projects were well received and praised for their innovative design and passionate execution. The occasion was graced by the attendance of the Honorable Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr. Muhammad Fazli Ilahi, and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr. Mohammed Mahbubur Rahman. Prof. Dr. Farida Nilufar, Ar. B. K. S. Inan, Ar. Mohammad Ali Naqi, Mohammad Faruk, Dr. Saiful Islam, Md. Shams Monsoor Ghani, Ar. Md. Ehsan Khan, Ar. Md. Rafiq Azam, Ar. Sakib Ahsan Choudhury, and many more renowned experts from the field.

Faculty members, including the Dean of the Faculty Dr. Jasmin Ara Begum, the Head of Department Prof. Dr. Roxana Hafiz, and other members of the faculty, attended the jury sessions and contributed insightful comments, leading to a highly fruitful event. The successful completion of the final thesis projects and the beneficial jury sessions were much appreciated, and the credit goes to the studio instructors Dr. Ayasha Siddiqua, Ar. Zishan Fuad Choudhur, Ar. Sharif Uddin Ahammed, Ar. Farjana Rahman for their contentious encouragement and sincere guidance to the final year students.

Various architectural thesis projects in the jury event
Passing students along with the faculty members, jurors and peers