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Date: 2022-11-10

Publication in Nature

It’s a great news that Prof. Dr. Md. Mujibur Rahman of the department of Civil Engineering recently published an agenda setting research article as a Co-Author in the Comments section of the great journal Nature - inarguably the world’s most prestigious scientific journal across any discipline - titled “Avert Bangladesh’s looming water crisis through open science and better data”. We warmly congratulate Prof. Mujibur Rahman for his achievement. The article attempts to fill critical knowledge gaps on tackling climate change induced water security challenges in Bangladesh and suggests developing potential reversal strategies focusing on three priority areas - rain and river waters flow management, agricultural adaptation, and fight against water contamination. The article highlights the importance of ‘open science’ and quality water data for modeling to avert Bangladesh’s water crisis. Prof. Mujibur Rahman, as an expert, contributed with the team working on a project under Hydrological Science Laboratory, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The findings and concluding summaries were published by Nature on 26th October, 2022 (Paper Link: