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Date: 2021-03-07

Team JuteX is the only team from Bangladesh to win the regional championship and to be in the accelerator round in 2020.

Team JuteX has come up with a bicycle that is mde of a natural fiber, i.e. jute fiber. Yes, we are making jute fiber bicycles which will be both lightweight and cheaper than aluminum bicycles. Also, we will not be depending on the imported raw materials, Because our country is one of the largest producers of jute fiber in the world. Already a sample has been made and industry-tested, which proved its reality and sustainability.

Fig.: Team jutex with 1st Jute fiber bicycle prototype.
Fig.: Team Members of Team JuteX to win Hult Prize on campus and Hult Prize Regional, Vietnam 2020


  • Winner of Hult Prize at AUST 2020
  • Winner of Hult Prize Regional, Vietnam 2020
  • Finalist of Hult Prize Global 2020

Student Members: Wasim , Mahedi, Tahsin, Sadia.

Media coverage: 

The Daily Star

Voice of America Bangla