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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2023-10-01

A team from the IPE Program secured 8th position among top 100 teams on the country in the “BIHRM Supply Chain Research Challenge 3.0”

On 8th June, 2023, the nation’s biggest supply chain research challenge was back with its second edition. This year’s Supply Chain Research Challenge is offering the countries brilliant minds to take the challenge and explore a world of infinite opportunities and learning.

In this world full of dynamism, the supply chain has become a matter of concern for every corporate organization. The supply chain is more than a combination of technologies and processes as it evolves from tactical to strategic matters, with the motive to give the students intensive learning opportunities about the supply chain.

Mr. Quazi Monjur E-Elahi, Mr. Sanadiule Sharif Ullash, and Ms. Rawnak Labiba Noor from the Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE) program, secured 8th position among the top 100 teams of the country through various screening and other challenging rounds. They were also awarded 90% scholarship at the ASCP™ program and published their conference paper, later on at the Supply Chain Insider.