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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2022-01-16

Tashdik Habib’s Clean Force: Building A Safe & Healthy Tomorrow

With the goal of ensuring safe usable water for everyone, “Clean Force Limited” was initiated back on July 1st, 2018. On one fine evening of May, 2018, Tashdik Habib and his uncle, Atiqul Isalm were thinking of ways how they could ensure usable safe water following the issue that they had dirty water coming from the water pipes the whole day which caused them great inconveniences. So, they thought and kept doing online searches which ignited their minds and led them towards the starting of “Clean Force Limited”, a company that follows scientific methods to clean the water tanks and pipelines.

Tashdik Habib, an Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE) graduate of Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology (AUST) planned to be an entrepreneur from a very early age. Before starting Clean Force, he even tried five to six other startups but failed. But this couldn’t dim his will to be an entrepreneur. Rather, he learned from his failures and started developing himself day by day. And a result of his indomitable willpower, Clean Force has been growing bigger and excelling towards the peak of success. He is also the President of “E-CAB Youth Forum”.

In the last few years, Clean Force cleaned around 12000 house and office’s water tanks and pipelines in Dhaka city. It currently has 65 employees who are the mainstay of this company. According to Clean Force’s Managing Director Tashdik Habib, “We should clean our water tanks at least twice a year following the scientific method. We don’t see the amount of germs that lie in those dirty tanks with our bare eyes but if one can see it, s/he definitely won’t use that water.” He also added, “Regular and proper cleaning of the water tanks can reduce the diseases we get affected by 80%. So, it is high time we look forward to this with concern.”

Clean Force Ltd is Bangladesh's First and Only ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certified Water Tank & Pipeline Cleaning Company. They also got “Ecommerce Movers Award 2020” for providing emergency cleaning service during the lockdown period.