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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2023-11-27

Pioneering Injection Molding Techniques: A Masterclass with Expert Mr. Andreas Eberle

On November 21st, the Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology's Injection Molding Lab buzzed with innovation and collaborative spirit, marking a special session led by the renowned Technical Expert, Mr. Andreas Eberle from Germany.

This educational rendezvous was graced by esteemed faculty and research assistants from the Mechanical and Production Engineering (MPE) Department, keen on absorbing wisdom from a global perspective. Special guests, including the illustrious Prof. Dr. Muhammad Fazli Ilahi, Vice-Chancellor, and the Head of the MPE Department, Prof. Dr. Mazharul Islam of Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, lent their presence to an already remarkable gathering. Their participation underscored the session's significance and the university's commitment to academic excellence.

The session commenced with an enlightening presentation by Mr. Eberle, who adeptly demystified the complexities of the injection molding process. His skillful articulation transformed intricate technical concepts into easily comprehensible knowledge, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees. The theoretical exposition transitioned into hands-on practical learning, as Mr. Eberle guided participants through the meticulous process of calibrating an injection molding machine. The training highlighted the nuanced adjustments necessary for optimizing the machine's parameters to accommodate various raw materials. In a significant contribution to the university's curriculum development, Mr. Eberle offered valuable suggestions to update our manufacturing processes circular, aligning it with current industry standards and practices. This collaborative effort underscores the session's impact beyond the laboratory, extending its benefits to the broader academic framework.

The session not only enhanced our technical know-how but also provided a platform for fostering international academic linkages. Mr. Eberle's expertise, coupled with the robust participation of our faculty and research assistants, affirmed the university's dedication to providing a practical, world-class education that keeps pace with industry advancements.