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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2023-10-30

Seminar on BOPPPS Model for Effective Class Sessions: OBE Perspective

A seminar on BOPPPS Model for Effective Class Sessions: OBE Perspective was held on 25th October, 2023 at the VC Seminar room AUST. Prof. Dr. Mazharul Islam, Head, Department of MPE, AUST conducted the session.

The BOPPPS model is an instructional design framework used by educators to create effective and engaging learning experiences. It can help the teachers significantly to design their theory classes in an efficient manner. The BOPPPS model is a flexible and learner-centered approach that can be adapted to various teaching and learning contexts. It emphasizes engagement, interaction, and active learning, which are considered effective strategies for facilitating meaningful and lasting learning experiences.

The seminar was conducted in hybrid mode, both physical and online. It was accessible to all the faculty members of AUST. Faculty members from MPE and other departments were present at the seminar. It was an effective seminar for the faculties as AUST is currently implementing 75 minutes of class session. So, it can be an excellent opportunity for the teachers to design their classes in a more effective way by utilizing the longer duration of classes following BOPPPS Model.