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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2023-10-28

নির্ভীক উল্লাস- A Day Out Event of ME Program

AUST Mechanical Society organized a day out event for ME Program students titled "Nirvik Ullash" with Nirvik-18 as the main organizer and Swapnik-19 as the co-organizer.

The day-out took place on 18th August of 2023 which featured the students, respected faculty members and alumni. The event was an entire power-house energized by the enthusiasm of the students who were all perhaps in the most joyous mood possible.

The excursion featured an extraordinary cultural evening enhanced by the performances of accomplished ME program students, which brought a festive mood to everyone present.

With all the happiness in the air, it was also an evening filled with immense sentiments as Nirvik-18 bid farewell to their immediate seniors, Shandrik-17. It was surely an emotional and memorable moment for the two batches.

Nirvik Ullash was undoubtedly an epic joyride for all the attendees and will always be considered as one of the most successful events presented by AUST Mechanical Society.