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Department of

Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2021-11-15

Industrial Attachment at Sylhet Gas Field Limited (SGFL)

The Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering dispatched six 3rd year 2nd semester students to the government-owned gas field Sylhet Gas Field Limited (SGFL) for an industrial attachment. Sabrul Alam, Mushfiqul Moula, Mohammad Maher Rahman Adib, Md. Mashuk, Md. Milon and Mushfiqur Rahman are among the distinguished pupils.

The students of the University with the Deputy General Manager of Kalaistila Molecular Sieve Turbo Expander (MSTE) Plant

Sylhet Gas Field Limited (SGFL), a company of Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation under the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral resources is the pioneer in the discovery and production of natural gas and mineral oil in the country. A total of 5 plants are operated in the country under the authority of SGFL. Those plants are located in Beanibazar, Haripur, Chhatak, Kailashtila, and Rashidpur. The name of the plant located in Kailashtilla is Kailashtilla Molecular Sieve Turbo Expander (MSTE) plant. The reason behind the name is that molecular sieve is used in dehydrators and turbo expanders are used. A total of 7 wells can be found in Kailashtilla, where only two wells are currently working. The capacity of this plant is 90 MMSCFD. But at this moment only 25 MMSCFD (approx.) are produced.

We have practical expertise with flush drums, separators, various types of valves, Molecular sieve turbo expanders, boilers, dehumidifiers, de-euthanized towers, heat exchangers, and compressors in the field.

We have done our industrial attachment from 15 to 25 November 2021.