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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2022-05-24

Industrial Attachment at B-R Powergen Ltd.

Seven 4th year and 2nd-semester students from the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering were sent to B-R Powergen Limited, a government-owned power generation firm, for an industrial attachment. The accomplished students are Md. Nafis Siddiqui Niloy, H. K. Mahedi Azad, Md. Nurul Momen Chowdhury, Morad Hossain Diganto, Durjoy Kumar Dev, Ainur Rahman, and Ashikul Islam.

During the 15-day long attachment, the students worked as Trainee Engineers at their Kodda 150MW Dual Fuel Power Plant. Under the supervision of the Executive Engineer of the plant, Engg. Md. Abdus Salam, the mentioned students were trained under Operations & Mechanical Maintenance Department while interacting with Electrical Maintenance Department as well.

B-R Powergen Limited is a government-owned power generation company, jointly developed by Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) and Rural Power Company Limited (RPCL). They are working on setting up multiple plants across the country to generate 2,270 MW of electricity by 2030.

Pictures: Proactive students in training and Insights of the Kodda 150MW Dual Fuel Power Plant

One of the following students, Nafis Siddiqui stated that “From this training, we have learned about 18k maintenance, MAN 18V51/60DF CI Engines, Plant Control System, NLDC load demand and supply system, and overall power generation and transmission system of the plant. Thanks to the MPE department for allowing us to join in this training attachment by providing us with the necessary documents and guidance.” The Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering congratulates them and calls out to other students to join in such hands-on experience-based industrial attachments by contacting the administrative office.