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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2023-03-05

Industrial Visit at Usmania Glass Sheet Factory Limited

On 18th February 2023, the students of 4th year, 2nd semester of IPE program of the MPE Department along with their faculty members visited the Usmania Glass Sheet Factory Limited in Chattogram. Usmania Glass Sheet Factory Limited was established on June 30, 1959, as a private limited business in Kalurghat andustrial area, Chattogram. On October 27, 1963, the corporation became a public limited company. It is a section of Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC), a ministry of industries.

The factory produces 20 million square feet of glass a year on a 10-acre plot of land. The company announced intentions to spend 3 billion BDT in 2019 on modernizing its Chattogram plant. The corporation has been producing glass using conventional methods, which are more expensive than the float glass method used by Bangladeshi private industries. Because it had to offer its goods below the cost of manufacturing, the company had been losing money for several years prior. The glass factory is also having trouble getting funds from the government. Moreover, the glass is available in sheets in a range of width and thickness, from 2 to 6 mm. Glass sheets are utilized in many different industries, including those that make furniture, automobiles, appliances, and construction. The Usmania Glass Sheet Plant can produce 22 tons of glass each day. Additionally, it offers specialized solutions in order to meet specific client requirements. Again, they reuse the damaged and defective glasses in new manufacture to save waste and environment as much as possible. Usmania Glass Sheet Factory has a great reputation for producing high-quality products on schedule and is committed to providing exceptional customer service. But there are numerous issues with the production system of Usmania Glass Sheet Factory Limited such as- machine condition, human resource management, power usage, safety management, and lack of ergonomics at workstations.

The students were supervised by the engineers and were given a brief about the whole production process and the quality management techniques as they visited different departments of the factory.

It was a good day for the students to learn about one of the important production facilities in the glass sector of Bangladesh.