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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2023-03-05

Industrial Visit at Diesel Electric Locomotive Workshop

On 18th February 2023, the students of 4th year, 2nd semester of IPE program of the MPE Department along with their faculty members visited the Diesel Electric Locomotive Workshop in Chattogram. Diesel Locomotives are important in transit sector of Bangladesh. The country’s railway system is one of the largest in South Asia, covering over 2,800 kilometers of track, with diesel locomotives being the primary mode of traction. These engines are crucial to the operation of the Bangladesh railway and are used on both freight and passenger trains. While some diesel trains in Bangladesh also come from South Asia, United States and India, China supplied the bulk of them. Greater fuel efficiency compared to steam trains, which were previously used, is one advantage of using diesel locomotives in Bangladesh. Diesel locomotives also have lower operating expenses because they are more dependable and require less upkeep. Additionally, compared to steam trains, they release fewer pollutants, making them more ecologically favorable. However, using diesel trains in Bangladesh comes with some difficulties. The fleet’s outdated trains are a major cause of failures and delays. The tracks and facilities of the train system are also in bad shape, which affects the locomotives’ functionality and effectiveness.

Bangladesh railway has been spending on brand-new diesel locomotives to update its inventory and boost productivity in an effort to meet these challenges. In recent years, the railway has purchased modern engines from China and Japan, including locomotives made by Mitsubishi. The Bangladeshi government has also made plans to construct a new train route connecting Bangladesh to Myanmar, which will call for the use of diesel locomotives. Finally, it should be noted that diesel engines are a crucial component of Bangladesh’s transit infrastructure and are utilized on both freight and passenger trains. Although using diesel locomotives has some drawbacks, the Bangladesh railway has made measures to update its fleet and boost productivity. Diesel locomotives will continue to be a key component in transportation sector of Bangladesh with ongoing growth and funding. From the visit, the students have faced some problems like congested areas, low manpower, not using all the areas properly etc.