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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2023-02-26

Students from level-3, term-1 developed “Multifunctional Agricultural Sprayer and Weed Cutter” as a project in Product Design and Development Sessional

A sprayer and a weeder are two different machines in agriculture that are done manually. But, if we can fuse them together where insecticides will be sprayed and weeds will be cut down simultaneously. Our machine has two mechanisms in this body- one is spraying insecticides and the other is a weed cutter.

For the weed cutter to rotate it gets all the rotational energy from the motor which also helps to move the machine around. The motor transfers rotational energy to a driven sprocket through a chain. There are two blades below the machine for cutting weeds. And for spraying insecticides, there are flexible showers that can be adjusted accordingly at the back of the machine. There is a tank that acts as a reservoir for the liquid. The main power source of the machine is the battery which will power the motor. To make the product more compatible with the users, it can also be operated manually by adjusting the front part.

Level-3, term-1 students and their supervisor with “Multifunctional Agricultural Sprayer and Weed Cutter”