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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2022-09-08

Students from level-3, term-1 manufactured “Power Tile” as a project in Product Design and Development Sessional

“Power Tile” is basically an energy converter that will harness the wasted kinetic energy by downward motion produced by feet while walking and convert it into electricity. People stepping on the top pad will move the tile down a few inches due to the weight of their own bodies. This will trigger a gear mechanism (Rack and Pinion), converting the linear motion to a rotary motion. With the help of this rotary motion, three to four mini dynamos will run, producing an amount of electrical energy each. Then the electricity will be regulated and storage will help to preserve the energy. The racks will be connected to the four shafts. These racks will rotate the pinions connected to the mini dynamos. The little movement of the racks will be converted into larger rotary motion with gearboxes. Springs will be used to get the Pad back to its initial position. The whole system will be water-resistant.

Image of a product called “Power Tile”