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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2021-07-18

Webinar on “Career Talk: Study in Abroad”

-Organized by IEOM Society AUST Student Chapter


On 18 July, 2021 a webinar titled 'Career Talk: Study in Abroad' hosted by 'IEOM Society AUST student chapter' conducted via 'zoom' platform. The entire talk was broadcast live on their official facebook page. As the host said, the society is always committed to meet the student demand, they brought guests from Canada. As a part of this webinar series, primarily they created a poll on facebook to survey the students' interest where Canada was on the top. All the four speakers of the talk were AUST alumni who are currently pursuing their higher studies from Canada or getting settled there. The speaker panel followed the list below -

  1. Kazi Sudipto from IPE 1st batch

Coventry University, UK and Manager, Paladin Technologies, Canada

  1. Rumana Afroz from IPE 5th batch

University of Alberta, Canada

  1. Saadman Sakib Rahman from IPE 8th batch

University of Toronto, Canada

  1. Atif Ul Aftab from CSE 25th batch

University of Manitoba, Canada


The guests shared their experience and knowledge from various perspective. They focused on the opportunities of doing MSc, PhD in Canada and getting settled there aligned with the process and paths for engineers from industrial discipline. A speaker from CSE background explained the field of CSE higher studies in Canada for IPE graduates. They briefly explained the procedures one needs to follow while applying both for MSc and PhD. Alongside, they talked on the academic and formal requirements as well. Valuable presence of faculty members enriched the initiative. The whole session of 2.30 hours from 9:30 PM BST was very interactive with an open 'Question & Answer' session engaging all the 130 participants.

The successful webinar came to its end with a thanking speech from Prof. Dr. Mohammod Sarwar Morshed, chairman of the ‘IEOM Society Bangladesh’ and Mr. Sayem Ahmed, Faculty Advisor of 'IEOM Society AUST student chapter'.