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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2023-08-06

“IEOM Society AUST Student Chapter” organized a Seminar along with “AUST IPE Society” under the banner of “Round the Clock: The Legacy of IPE Festiverse”

IEOM Society AUST Student Chapter” had the opportunity to bring some more goodness along with “AUST IPE Society” as an enriching seminar titled “Learning on My Journey: Engineer to General Management”, under the banner of “Round the Clock: The Legacy of IPE Festiverse” was introduced.

We were delighted that our esteemed guest speaker was none other than Mr. Ashish Kapoor, Managing Director of Perfetti Van Melle Ltd Bangladesh. We also had Mr. Md. Mostakim Al Taki, Manager-Talent Management & OD and our very own alumnus Mr. Nahid Parvez Bappy, Materials and Supply Chain Planner.

To kick off this enlightening event, we were privileged to have Mr. Md. Mostakim Al Taki who provided us with a comprehensive presentation about the company's history, vision, and mission. His presentation served as a foundation for understanding the organisation’s values and culture, setting the tone for the discussions today. Later on, Mr. Ashish Kapoor gave out a brief of his enlightening journey through the experiences and insights of his entire career spanning 23 years at PVM who continues to guide the business to ever-greater growth and profitability with his eyes set on long-term vision. Our very own alumnus Mr. Nahid Parvez Bappy gave a knowledge and a keen focus on optimising processes, reducing inefficiencies, and ensuring seamlessness in the domain of production planning within the industry through his presentation.

Finally, we were graced by the presence of our very own professors of the department of MPE. The presence of the other faculty members was also appreciated.

The seminar ended on this enlightening journey through the experiences and insights of our esteemed speakers, to embrace the essence of continuous learning and growth. The knowledge shared here today will undoubtedly sow the seeds of success in our own endeavours and pave the way for a brighter future in the field of industrial engineering and management.

The organizer is thankful for the contribution of the co-opt. member of AUST IPE Society, Ms. Humaira Nafisa Ahmed and the faculty advisor of IEOM Society AUST Student Chapter, Mr. Md. Adib Rahman.