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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2023-06-08

Webinar on Unleashing Opportunities: Exploring Higher Studies in the USA

The webinar titled "Unleashing Opportunities: Exploring Higher Studies in the USA" was conducted by Mr. Maruf Md Ikram from Michigan State University. The purpose of the webinar was to provide valuable insights into pursuing higher education in the United States and to explore the various opportunities available to international students.

"Unleashing Opportunities: Exploring Higher Studies in the USA" is a topic specifically designed to cater to the needs of Bangladeshi students who are considering pursuing higher education in the United States. The topic aims to provide a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the various aspects involved in studying in the USA.

Mr. Maruf Md Ikram began the webinar by highlighting the benefits of studying in the USA, such as access to world-class education, research opportunities, multicultural experiences, and career prospects.

The webinar covered several important topics, including the application process, admission requirements, scholarships and financial aid, and standardized tests. Mr. Ikram provided a comprehensive overview of each aspect, offering practical tips and advice to prospective students. He discussed the significance of preparing a strong application, including crafting an impactful statement of purpose and obtaining strong letters of recommendation.

Throughout the webinar, Mr. Ikram emphasized the significance of standardized tests, such as the TOEFL, ILETS and GRE, for admission to U.S. universities. He provided guidance on how to prepare effectively for these tests and recommended resources for practice and study materials.

The presenter also discussed the student visa application process, including the required documentation and interviews at U.S. embassies or consulates. He provided insights on how to increase the chances of visa approval and discussed common challenges faced by international students.

Additionally, Mr. Maruf Md Ikram conducted a Q&A session during the webinar, allowing participants to ask questions and seek clarification on specific topics related to higher studies in the USA. The interactive Q&A session provided an opportunity for attendees to address their concerns and receive personalized guidance from an experienced professional. Mr. Ikram patiently responded to the questions, sharing his knowledge and expertise to ensure that participants had a comprehensive understanding of the discussed subjects. The Q&A session enhanced the overall learning experience of the webinar and further enriched the participants' knowledge about pursuing higher studies in the USA.nts during the visa application process.

The webinar titled "Unleashing Opportunities: Exploring Higher Studies in the USA" conducted by Mr. Maruf Md Ikram from Michigan State University was an informative session for students aspiring to pursue higher education in the United States. The presenter's expertise and insights provided valuable guidance on various aspects of the application process, scholarships, standardized tests, and visa procedures. Attendees of the webinar gained a deeper understanding of the opportunities available and were equipped with practical tips to navigate the journey of studying in the USA successfully.

About Our Speaker:

Maruf Md Ikram is a current Mechanical Engineering PhD student at Michigan State University, specializing in computational fluid mechanics. With over 5 years of research experience in the field, Maruf obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh. He was a former faculty member of MPE Department at Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. He has a strong publication record in leading peer-reviewed journals, showcasing his expertise in computational fluid mechanics. Maruf's current research focuses on the computational analysis of the fluid dynamic behavior of airflow in the application of voice science, specifically in flow structure interactions in human vocal folds. His work involves developing mathematical models for computational analysis of the vocal tract and analyzing solid-fluid interactions in the vocal tract. He is also actively involved in extending the model for computational speech production methodology development based on data-driven modeling.

Mr. Maruf is known for his passion for mentoring and training the next generation of scientists. He actively engages in outreach activities to promote science education in underrepresented communities, demonstrating his commitment to making science accessible to all. With his extensive research experience and expertise in computational fluid mechanics, Maruf Md Ikram is recognized as a dedicated and accomplished researcher in the field of mechanical engineering, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in voice science and the computational analysis of fluid dynamics in vocal tracts.