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Mechanical and Production Engineering

Date: 2023-02-26

Students from level-3, term-1 developed “Portable Seawater Desalination Machine” as a project in Product Design and Development Sessional

The objective of “Portable Seawater Desalination Machine” is to improve the accessibility of drinkable pure water in remote coastal areas using renewable energy sources. The product utilizes a solar panel that tracks the sun to increase battery efficiency by 25-30%. It also includes a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) sensor to ensure the water is safe to drink and has an automatic dispensing feature that can sense any glass or bottle. The product is both durable and portable, making it ideal for use in distant coastal areas where access to drinkable water and electricity is supposedly limited. It also has default IoT features built in. Our research has identified positive synergies between accessibility, efficiency, and safety. We are working on expanding the implementation and usage of this product in such areas in order to solve the issues of water scarcity and lack of electricity.

Level-3, term-1 students and their supervisor with “Portable Seawater Desalination Machine”