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Department of

Textile Engineering

Mr. Md. Redwanul Islam

Designation: Assistant Professor


Office Extension: 708

Room No: 07

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Research Interests

  • Yarn Manufacturing
  • Material Science

Educational Background

  • Masters in Engineering (MEngg), (Yarn Manufacturing), Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)
  • Bachelor in Engineering (BEngg), (Yarn Manufacturing), Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)

Honors and Achievements


  • Surface modification of Luffa and Maize fibers by using alkali medium, Cleaner Engineering and Technology, 2024
  • Optimizing yarn properties through response surface methodology: Finding the ideal flax and cotton fiber proportion in blended yarns by using design-expert software, SPE Polymers, 2024
  • Assessing the consequences of water retention on the structural integrity of jute fiber and its composites: A review, SPE Polymers, 2024
  • Sustainable development of three distinct starch based bio-composites reinforced with the cotton spinning waste collected from fiber preparation stage, Heliyon, 2024
  • Statistical analysis of Cotton-Jute blended ratio for producing good quality blended yarn, Heliyon, 2024
  • Design and fabrication of an instrument for splitted jute fiber length measurement, Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series E, 2023
  • Design and development of canvas trousers using sustainable natural dye, Tekstilna industrija, 2023
  • Mechanical Characterization of Luffa-Bagasse Fiber Reinforced Polymer Based Hybrid Composite, Textile & Leather Review, 2023
  • Extraction and characterization of a newly developed cellulose enriched sustainable natural fiber from the epidermis of Mikania micrantha, Heliyon, 2023
  • Assessing Carbon Footprint of Textile Spinning Process in Bangladesh, International Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources, 2022
  • Effect of opening roller speed of rotor spinning machine on the yarn quality, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Growth Evaluation, 2022
  • Online Education System during the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation in Bangladesh, Academic Journal of Engineering Studies, 2022
  • Effect of the duration of retting on jute fiber length, International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 2022
  • Comparison between simplex roller gauge of 40.5×50×52 mm and 39.5×49.5×50.5 mm, International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 2022
  • Importance of spindle speed in ring frame, International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 2021
  • 'C‘ Programming Establishment For Automated Trash Controlling In Carding Machine, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH, 2021
  • An Investigation on the Influence of Main Vacuum and Additional Suction Pressure on the Quality of Rotor Yarn, Trends in Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology, 2021
  • Impact of Front and Back Roller Shore Hardness on The Quality of Cotton Carded Yarn in Ring Spinning Frame, Trends in Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology, 2020
  • A Qualitative Analysis of Different Types of Water Repellent Agent Used on Cotton Fabric, European Scientific Journal ,ESJ, 2020
  • Mathematical Logic Establishment for Automated Trash Controlling in Carding Machine, EUROPEAN SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL, ESJ, 2019