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Department of

Textile Engineering

Mr. Md. Faisal Mahmud

Designation: Lecturer Grade-I


Office Extension: 702

Room No: 20

Research Interests

  • Smart wearable e-textiles
  • Non-woven and Biodegradable Materials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Technical Textiles

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc), (Textile Engineering (Fabric Engineering)), Bangladesh University of Textiles(BUTEX)

Honors and Achievements

  • 70% Merit Scholarship, Global Supply Chain Case competition-2018 by ISCEA, 2018
  • Board Scholarship-2013, Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Rajshahi, 2013
  • Junior Scholarship-2008, Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Rajshahi, 2008


  • Development of conductive polymer coated textiles for pressure and strain sensors, Advances in Electrically Conductive Textiles by Elsevier, 2024
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sustainable textile processing chain: scopes, challenges, and opportunities, Digital Fashion Innovation Conference (DFIC), 2024
  • Evaluation of Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Three-Thread Fleece Knit Fabric for Their Structural Changes, Heliyon, Cell-Press, Elsevier Ltd, 2023
  • Nonwoven natural fiber preforms, Woodhead Publishing Series in Composites Science and Engineering, 2023
  • Evaluation of the impact of cotton sheath linear density of core spun yarn on the performance of denim fabrics, Heliyon, Cell-press, Elsevier Ltd, 2022
  • Effect of Cotton Sheath Linear Density of Spun Yarn( Cotton/Spandex) on the Stretch Ability and Tearing Strength of the Denim Woven Fabrics, 2020 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Technologies for Industry 4.0, 2020