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Department of

Textile Engineering

Mr. Chowdhury Jony Moin

Designation: Associate Professor



Office Extension: 721

Room No: 14

Research Interests

  • Lean manufacturing
  • Agile manufacturing
  • Textile and Clothing Operations Management
  • Textile and Clothing Supply Chain

Educational Background

  • Masters in Engineering (MEngg) (Supply chain) Department of Industrial and Production Engineering
  • Bachelor in Engineering (BEngg) (Textile Engineering) College of Textile Technology

Honors and Achievements


  • Time-Based Process Mapping for Lead Time Compression in the Apparel Supply Chain: A Case Study , International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences , 2020
  • Performance variation with time of apparel sewing workers: a case study , European Scientific Journal , 2018
  • Implementation of an operating procedure for quality control at production level in a RMG industry and assessment of quality improvement , The journal of the Textile Institute , 2018
  • Maximising the purchaser's satisfaction through supply chain upstream management , International Journal of Operational Research , 2017
  • A case study on line balancing techniques for apparel sewing line. , 1st International Conference on Industrial and Mechanical Engineering and Operations Management (IMEOM) , 2017
  • Assessment of labor skill and development of labor skill matrix for sewing section of an apparel industry. , 4th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy, ICMERE-2017, Chittagong, , 2017
  • Implementation of analytical hierarchy process (AHP) for upstream management of apparel supply chain , 2013
  • Investigation of a Hybrid Production System for Mass-Customization Apparel Manufacturing. , Journal of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management , 2013
  • Quality assessment of large blotch printed polyester/cotton blend fabric with disperse/reactive dye over pigment dye. , Institutional Engineering and Technology (IET) , 2012
  • Process capability analysis: An effective tool for assessment of yarn manufacturing process. , Institutional Engineering and Technology (IET) , 2012
  • Improving performance of the cutting section applying lean tool: A case study of a Bangladeshi Knitwear Company. , International Scientific Conference “Innovative solutions for sustainable development of textiles industry" , 2011
  • A statistical Approach: Elimination of stripping process from dyeing process. , Journal of Innovation & Development Strategy (JIDS) , 2011
  • Textile & Apparel Dictionary (English to Bengali & English) , 2011
  • Determining the most frequent defects for circular weft knitting fabric machines: A case study. , Journal of Innovation & Development Strategy (JIDS) , 2011
  • Effect of flat speed of carding machine on quality of card sliver and yarn. , International Scientific Conference “Innovative solutions for sustainable development of textiles industry” , 2011
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