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Kazi Fazlur Rahman Library

KFR Library Organizes Information Literacy Session on “Effective use of KFR Library Resources in Research and Scholarly Communication” For the students of 4/1 and 4/2 level of Department of Textile Engineering, AUST | BoT Chairman Inaugurates Digital Access Centre and Koha- Integrated Library Management Software at AUST Library | BoT Chairman Inaugurates Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah Corner at KFR Library | Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology has been getting access to IEEE Xplore Digital Library and Emerald Journals/Archives through UDL Consortium of Bangladesh with full downloading facility.
What's new:

Rules and Regulation for Digital Access Centre (DAC) of KFR Library

  1. Depending on the availability of a terminal, every user will be able to use a computer with internet access;
  2. The user must put their name in the e-resource access center's register kept at the center;
  3. Please check the computer system and accessories to see whether it is in perfect order;
  4. If a computer fault is discovered, the duty staff should be notified before it is used;
  5. Under no circumstances social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can be used on computers;
  6. No software may be downloaded or installed on the library's computers;
  7. Video files cannot be used or downloaded from the library's external/external sources;
  8. Users are not permitted to play games or communicate with one another;
  9. Users are not allowed to do any experiment, create a folder, alter desktop resolution, or font size and change any option in the control panel;
  10. If users use any computer at will and alter or destroy the computer system, they shall be liable for the changes, financial and other damages;
  11. CCTV can be used to monitor users' browsing activity;
  12. A person can only browse for one hour at a time, however, if any other users require to use it, the previous user will complete their browsing within the next half an hour;
  13. Please use a safe and virus-free pen drive to take away your resources otherwise it will be deleted after a few hours;
  14. If required, library staff shall assist users in using e-resources smoothly;
  15. AUST authority will not be responsible for any kind of user’s data loss or damage of any hardware devices e.g. Pen drive.