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Kazi Fazlur Rahman Library

BoT Chairman Inaugurates Digital Access Centre and Koha- Integrated Library Management Software at AUST Library | BoT Chairman Inaugurates Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah Corner at KFR Library | Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology has been getting access to IEEE Xplore Digital Library and Emerald Journals/Archives through UDL Consortium of Bangladesh with full downloading facility.
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Rules for the Library Users

  1. Regular Faculty Members, Officers and Students of AUST are treated as Library Member.
  2. Library is a silent area. Discussions, resting, making noise are not allowed in the library. Mobile phones are to be switched off. Discussions are allowed in the Reading Room-2.
  3. Students with valid ID cards will write their names, ID nos. in a register kept at the entrance.
  4. Personal belongings i.e. books, laptops, bags, foodstuffs are not allowed in the Library reading room.
  5. Students must deposit their belongings in the bag counter against a token and will not go out Leaving belongings in the Library. The deposited bags must not contain valuable things like money and gold, etc.
  6. 50.00 will be charged for the loss of every token.
  7. Seats with the reading desk can not be reserved. Sitting arrangements in the Library can not be changed any way.
  8. Users can browse catalogue at the entry gate to find required books. After collecting Call numbers from the catalogue, students will enter the book stack and pick up their required books and journals. Library staff is there to help them.
  9. Library is a place for self study, users' behavior should reflect this and they should respect the needs of others.
  10. Books and journals can be taken to reading room depositing own valid ID cards in the charging desk Books and journals will be used within the Library reading room and books and journals can not be taken away out of the Library.
  11. At the time of issuance, user will check condition of the library materials. Damaged books or journals must be shown to the desk staff before issuance. Otherwise user will have to compensate if the materials found damaged or lost while these materials are in their possession.
  12. The Borrower must replace the lost item by a new and unused copy of the same author/s, title and edition with an application addressed to the Librarian mentioning the valid reasons of loss. The old edition can be replaced by the latest edition. Or, compensation must be paid as determine by the Library Authority.
  13. Students will take back their ID cards from the charging desk after returning the issued materials.
  14. Library user may also ask the Desk staff for photocopying part of books or journals on payment.
  15. Library has no accountability in case of damage or theft of personal belongings left unattended in side the library.
  16. Library users are expected to follow AUST Code of conduct, any misconduct, interference with study environment, damage to any property will lead to expulsion from the library/ Library membership shall compensate the University for any damage caused.
  17. Violation of Library rules and manners is punishable offense.