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Kazi Fazlur Rahman Library

KFR Library will remain open upto 7:00pm | KFR Library Organizes Information Literacy Session on “Effective use of KFR Library Resources in Research and Scholarly Communication” For the students of level 4/1 of the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering of AUST During Fall-2022 Semester | KFR Library Organizes Information Literacy Session on “Effective use of KFR Library Resources in Research and Scholarly Communication” For the students of 4/1 and 4/2 level of Department of Textile Engineering, AUST | BoT Chairman Inaugurates Digital Access Centre and Koha- Integrated Library Management Software at AUST Library | BoT Chairman Inaugurates Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah Corner at KFR Library | Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology has been getting access to IEEE Xplore Digital Library and Emerald Journals/Archives through UDL Consortium of Bangladesh with full downloading facility.
What's new:

About Kazi Fazlur Rahman Library

Since the Library started work in the permanent campus, it has got a new dimension to serve the readers. Readers are getting a huge and wide space for study. Library has provided sufficient carrels for individual study and it can now accommodate about 200 readers in the reading room at a time . Library has also turned to Open Shelve System (OSS) that means readers now can browse books and journals directly from the shelves, can see other relevant materials at a time. Library workers are also there to help the readers.

Library has now got the facilities for the Faculties and Researchers to study in a separate corner. Library is going to establish an Internet browsing corner for research purposes.

It is a matter of great pleasure to announce that AUST is now linked with Bangladesh-INASP/PERI Consortia (BIPC) under the auspices of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS) to have access to thousands of internationally reputed online journals and books with downloading facilities of full text articles. Library is the focal point of this service.

There was a long time demand of Automated Library Systems and to fulfill the demand a project for making software for this purpose has been undertaken in the mean time. After the completion of the work automated book search from the machine readable catalogue and mechanized book issue system will be available.

Online Publications

AUST is a member of University Grants Commission Bangladesh Digital Library (UDL) for having online resources through their database. Through these database at present we are getting access to ACM Digital Library, IEEE and Emerald respectively. These resources can be accessed through the following sites.

AUST is also a member of the National Consortia named Bangladesh INASP-Peri Consortia (BIPC) under the umbrella of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS) since the inception of the Consortia in 2008. 

As a member of the consortia AUST Faculty members and students can receive articles from online journals and in some cases e-Books from the following internationally recognized and reputed publishers.

The downloading facilities is IP based and the teachers and students can get access to these publishers through computers linked with internet in AUST campus only. INASP's website address is:

Click here to learn about remote access VPN facilities to AUST Campus Network for Accessing Journals