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Department of

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Mr. Monjur Morshed

Designation: Associate Professor


Office Extension:

Room No:

Research Interests

Educational Background

  • Master of Science (MSc), (Communications Technology), University of Ulm, Germany
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc), (Electrical and Eelctronic Engineering), Bangladesh Institute of Technology, Chittagong (formerly)

Honors and Achievements


  • SAR-CardioNet: A Network for Heart Valve Disease Detection From PCG Signal Based on Split-Self Attention With Residual Paths, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2023
  • Analysis and Comparison of the DNA Sequence of an Unknown Respiratory Virus with Influenza and Corona Using Biopython, ICOTL, 2023
  • Heart Valve Defect Detection From PCG Signals Using Spectral And Fractal Features, ICCIT, 2023
  • A Deep Neural Network for Heart Valve Defect Classification From Synchronously Recorded ECG and PCG, IEEE Sensors Letters, 2023
  • Automated Heart Valve Disorder Detection Based on PDF Modeling of Formant Variation Pattern in PCG Signal, IEEE Access, 2022
  • SpectroCardioNet: An Attention-Based Deep Learning Network Using Triple-Spectrograms of PCG Signal for Heart Valve Disease Detection, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2022
  • Video Denoising With Bi-Dimensional EMD Decomposition Along With Wavelet Thresholding, IJTEEE, 2014
  • Frame By Frame Digital Video Denoising Using Multiplicative Noise Model, IJTEEE, 2014
  • Hardware implementation issues of turbo decoders, Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 2012
  • Performance analysis of qc-ldpc with transmit diversity for wireless communications, 2011
  • Development of the smart QoS monitors to enhance the performance of the NS2 Network Simulator, ICCIT, 2010
  • Analysis of the Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation: A Study, Conference on Engineering Research, Innovation and Education, 2010
  • A Markov Based Detection for Broadband over Power Line Communications (PLC), Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 2009
  • A Band-splitting Analogy for Transmission Probability in Potential Wells, National Conference on Materials Science and Technology for Sustainable Development: Bangladesh Perspective, 2009
  • Determination of Design Wind Speeds for Optimum use of Wind Electric Generators at St. Martin’s Island, Renewable Energy for Rural Development, 2002
  • Solar Resource Monitoring in Bangladesh for PV Generation Studies, Renewable Energy for Rural Development, 2002
  • Micro-Mini Hydro Energy Prospects in Some Regions of Bangladesh, Renewable Energy for Rural Development, 2002
  • Wind Energy Situation at St. Martin’s Island of Bangladesh, 4th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, 2001