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Department of

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Head of the Department

Welcome to the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology. Our department offers a four-year B. Sc. in EEE program since the establishment of the university in 1995. The program is spread over eight semesters with two semesters per academic year. The vision of the program is to provide an environment for development of skilful graduates and quality research for national and international needs. Our department also offers a post graduate program in EEE.

Our mission is to use novel educational and research methodologies with highest quality to foster a deeper understanding of electrical and electronic engineering as well as the ability to innovate in order to cope up with the ever changing need of the future through pushing the boundaries of technologies. We have passed through an unprecedented COVID-19 circumstance. Global community has had significant disruptions to their lives from different corners. The COVID-19 crisis has affected our courses, researches, and community network here in EEE. Even though our students were able to complete the semester with the best possible learning and assessment experience under the crisis moments. We are committed to encourage our students through various ways-engaging with the community through collaborating with industry on research, building a pipeline of students with local and international engineering societies, holding conferences, seminars, workshops and connecting with our alumni. We encourage our students to identify and address issues to foster creativities and broad range of abilities in engineering knowledge.

Present intake of the students per calendar year is 350 and the class size has been limited to 50 students in the interest of effective teaching and learning. There are now about 1400 students studying in this department with 63 full time faculty members. The expertise ranges of our faculties broadly encompass numerous fields of EEE, from renewable energy, energy storage system, power system stability, demand side management, carbon nanotube FET, nano scale device modeling, design and analysis of Group III-V based photo detector, THz response of HFET, cloud radio access network, free space optical communications, light wave propagation, beyond 5G communications, Artificial Neural Network, Blockchain, VLSI, Bangla speech processing, speaker recognition system to image processing. Deep knowledge in these fields is what enables us to meaningfully contribute to education, research, and industry. The graduates of this department have gone to a variety of positions in Government, semi-government, private organizations, different industries, and internationally renowned universities.

Join our family of faculty, staff, students, and alumni in building a better connected, more harmonious, and healthier global community.


Prof. Dr. Tareq Aziz

Professor and Head, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, AUST

Prof. Dr. Tareq Aziz

Prof. Dr. Tareq Aziz

Professor & Head,

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering