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School of Business

Prof. Dr. Wahiduzzaman Khan

Designation: Professor


Office Extension:

Room No: 6C01

Research Interests

  • Marketing in Digital Era
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing Data Analytics

Educational Background

  • PhD in Business Studies, (Business Studies), Department of Marketing, University of Rajshahi
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), (Marketing), Department of Marketing, University of Rajshahi
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), (Marketing), Department of Marketing, University of Rajshahi

Honors and Achievements

  • Dr. Syed Ragib Ali Research Award-2018, Leading University, 2018


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  • Mediation of Technology Adaptation Capabilities between the Relationship of Service Quality and Satisfaction: An Investigation on Young Customers towards E-Commerce in China, IEEE Access, 2023
  • Circular value creation: business models and supply chain strategies, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2023
  • Machine Moderators in Content Management System Details: Essentials for IoT Entrepreneurs, Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, 2021
  • Measuring the Performance of e-Primary School Systems in Bangladesh, I.J. Modern Education and Computer Science, 2020
  • Artificial Intelligence Driven Crypto Currencies, Global Disclosure of Economics and Business, 2020
  • Designing Social Networking Mobile App for Diabetes Management, International Conference on Information Resources Management, 2020
  • Influences of Non-economic Responsibilities on Economic Responsibilities: A study on Consumers of Banking Industry in Sylhet, ILIRIA International Review, 2020
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Treasury Management: A Systematic Literature Review, International Journal of Management, 2020
  • Ethical Issues on Utilization of AI, Robotics and Automation Technologies, Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature, 2020
  • The Interactive Approach to Working Capital Knowledge: Survey Evidence, International Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and Applications, 2020
  • Socio Economic Impact of Tea Workers in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study, Journal of Business, Society and Science, 2019
  • Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention Based on Service Quality : Local Tourists’ Perspectives at Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh, BAUET Journal, 2018
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  • An Impact Analysis of Volatility in oil price on Economy of Bangladesh, North East University Bangladesh Journal, 2017
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