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School of Business

Mr. Salman Salem Shinwary

Designation: Associate Professor


Office Extension:

Room No: 7C01

Research Interests

Educational Background

  • Master of Business Management (MBM), (Management), Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania
  • Master of Business Studies (MBS), (Management), Department of Management Studies
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), (Management), Department of Management Studies
  • Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), (Industrial Management), Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)

Honors and Achievements


  • A Study on Trend of the Income Inequality: Evidence from Bangladesh, Indian Journal of Finance, 2012
  • Electronic Banking in Bangladesh: Security Issues, Forms, Opportunities and Challenges, Canadian Journal on Scientific and Industrial Research, 2011
  • Trend in the rural income inequality in Bangladesh since independence - A quantitative approach, Journal of Science and Technology, 2010
  • Approximation of the Influence of Monetary Policy on Economic Growth, Employment Generation and Inflation – A Case Study in Bangladesh, World Review of Business Research, 2010
  • Zoo as Ecotourism Attraction- Case of Dhaka Zoo, ASA University Review, 2009
  • Media Habit with Special Focus on Furniture Industry: A Case Study on Navana Furniture, Centre for Business Research, 2007
  • Components of Quality Education for Young People, 2nd National Convention on Education, 0
  • Mapping the Opportunity- Getting Women Entrepreneurs to Export into International Market: The Role of the Government of Bangladesh, 0