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Department of

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Date: 2023-07-30

AUST Professor Has Won ICT Innovation Fund

Dr. A. K. M. Baki, Professor of the Department of EEE, has received an ICT Innovation Project ‘Research Grant’ from ICT Division, Ministry of Post Telecommunications and Information Technology, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, for a research proposal titled ‘Development of a Novel Intelligent Reconfigurable Surface for 6th Generation Information and Communication Technologies’. The proposed research project aims to develop a novel Meta Surface or RIS that can be utilized in different ICT sectors of Bangladesh. A short summary of the research proposal is attached hereafter:

‘Though 5g is the latest communication technology, yet there are scopes of improvement in 5g. Improved or new technologies will be implemented in future 6g communication systems. Areas of improvement in 5g are the cell capacity, coverage area, device density, energy efficiency, spectrum uses, latency, location accuracy, and user experiences. Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) or Meta Surface has received significant attention for 6g applications. RIS, which will be implemented in 6g, has the potential to improve the cell capacity and coverage of wireless networks by reconfiguring the wireless propagation channels through software.’

Conceptual Block Diagram of RIS Based Wireless Communication.