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Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Date: 2022-09-25

Study Tour to Ashuganj Power Station, Brahmanbaria by the Students of 'Power Plant Engineering and Economics' Course of the Dept. of EEE and the IEEE-PES Student Branch, AUST

The Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE), Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) commenced a study tour on September 3, 2022, to 1690 MW Ashuganj Power Station at Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria. Ashuganj Power Station Company Limited (APSCL) is one of the largest power generation companies in Bangladesh. As of June 2021, APSCL represented almost 14% of the nation's overall capacity for electricity generation in the public sector. The national grid receives the electricity generated and then distributes it to users across the whole nation. Natural gas from Bakhrabad Gas Distribution Company Limited is used as the primary fuel for electricity generation, and water from the river Meghna is used for steam generation and cooling of the plants.

The study tour was planned for the students of 'Power Plant Engineering and Economics' course and IEEE-PES Student Branch, AUST and arranged by Dr. Taskin Jamal, Assistant Professor of EEE Dept. with a view to getting the students familiar with the power station operation that they had studied in their academic course. With Dr. Taskin, the other four faculty members of the EEE Dept., Mr. Ferdous S Azad, Assistant Professor; Mr. Md. Shaikh Abrar Kabir, Lecturer; Mr. Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun, Lecturer; and Mr. Faisal Farhan, Lecturer accompanied 50 enthusiastic students in the tour. On arrival, the students were divided into two groups. They were given demonstration lectures, a control room visit, and a visit of various components of the whole power station, including the generator room, turbine room, boiler area, cooling system etc.

Prof. Dr. Tareq Aziz, Head of the Dept. of EEE, Prof. Dr. A K M Baki (former Head, Dep. of EEE) and Prof. Dr. A.K.M. Ehtesanul Islam (Counselor, IEEE AUST Student Branch) provided their continuous support for the arrangement of the tour. The Department of EEE extends its insightful appreciation to the authority of Ashuganj Power Station Company Limited. for their support & hospitality and the AUST administration for providing administrative support as always.