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Date: 2023-10-15

A student from the Department of Architecture represented the IAB at the ARCASIA Student Jamboree 2023.

Aditya Chowdhury, a 3rd-year student of the Department of Architecture, AUST represented the IAB at the ARCASIA Student Jamboree 2023. This event was part of the Jamboree organized by the Asia Congress of Architects (ACA), which took place on Boracay Island, the Philippines and extended over 17-22 September, 2023.

During the Jamboree, Aditya had an incredible opportunity to explore Boracay Island with fellow students and architects. The event was a mix of culture, education and adventure with a wide range of activities, including interactive sessions that allowed students from different parts of the world to share their unique perspectives of their own country and enriching their understanding of global cultures. Debates and open forums sparked thought-provoking discussions on various topics, enriching their knowledge and perspectives in the field of architecture.

Overall, the ARCASIA Student Jamboree 2023 was an unforgettable journey for Aditya. It enabled him to learn, connect with others, and create lasting memories in one of the world's most stunning locations. As he left Boracay, he carried a deeper appreciation for architecture, a global network of friends, and a heart filled with delightful experiences.