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Our Program:

The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) program of the Department of Architecture involves a wide range of disciplines in the fields of arts, sciences and engineering. The diversified theoretical courses are aimed at developing an understanding of the bases of architectural design problems. The studio sessions are then available for application of these knowledge and understandings to practical design problems. Thus, design studio works constitute a very important aspect of the B. Arch. program and continues from Design Studios I & II in the first year to Design Studios IX-X in the fifth or final year.

The Jury System:

All significant studio projects of the students, particularly those of the higher levels including the final year terminal projects are evaluated by the Jury system. Under this system, a jury of external examiners comprising of the faculty members as well as at least one or two well known architects from the profession is constituted to listen to the presentation of the students, deliberate with them and pass judgment on the standard and quality of the work presented. The students are graded largely on the basis of such open jury evaluations.

We already have:

The Department already has established departmental computer lab, photography lab and materials lab. The computer lab is equipped with computer networking, advanced software packages and internet connection. The students use the lab quite extensively. The students also use the photography lab under the photography course run by the department.