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School of Business

Date: 2022-06-28

School of Business, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology organized a seminar on Weather, Climate, and Extreme Weather Events

An awareness-raising seminar on Weather, Climate, and Extreme Weather Events was held at Ahsanuallh University of Science and Technology (AUST) on 13.06.2022 with the collaboration of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department and AktiVision Advertising Limited. The seminar was organized by the School of Business, AUST.

Guests on the stage

Professor Dr. Mohammed Mahbubur Rahman, Hon’ble Pro vice chancellor, AUST delivered the welcome speech at the event. The project director (BWCSRP-Component A), Engineer Ahmed Arif Rashid delivered his speech mentioning critical issues regarding how natural disasters occur due to weather and climate changes. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Fazli Ilahi, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, AUST pointed out that climate change issues are to be taken care of seriously to attain sustainability in the development process. The main discussion was covered by Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan who presented a lot of information in front of the students in relation to the consequences of climate change.  In the end, Prof. Dr. S.M Shafiul Alam concluded the session by expressing his gratitude to all who were involved in organizing the session.

The audience of the seminar