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Department of

Civil Engineering


Postgraduate Degrees/Diploma Offered

The following degrees/diploma are offered by the Department of Civil Engineering, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST):

  1. Master of Science in Civil Engineering abbreviated as M.Sc. Engg. (Civil)
  2. Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering abbreviated as M. Engg. (Civil)
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Civil Engineering Abbriviated as PG. Dip. (CE)

Admission Procedure

Candidates willing to take admission are required to collect the application form from the office of the Registrar of the University. A candidate must fill in the information related to admission (Desired Program, Status of Studentship, etc.), his/her personal information (Name, Father's Name, Mother's Name, Date of Birth, Addresses, Gender, Nationality, etc.) his/her academic information, his/her experience, if any, and names and addresses of two referees.

After filling in all necessary data, the completed application form, duly signed by the applicant, must be submitted with the following supporting documents to the registrar's office to complete the application procedure.

  1. Two attested copies of recent passport size color photographs.
  2. Attested copies of certificates of all public examinations.
  3. Attested copies of certificates/grade sheets/mark sheets of degrees obtained.
  4. Attested copies of testimonials/character certificates from the institutions attended.
  5. The letter of consent from the employer for applicants in employment.

Selection of Candidates

The selection of candidates for admission into a Postgraduate program will be performed by the Department. A candidate may be required to appear at an interview by the selection committee as constituted by the Board of Postgraduate Studies of the Department. He/She will be required to take pre-requisite course(s) as may be prescribed by the Selection Committee. The final list of the selected candidates for admission into the Postgraduate programs will be notified on the notice board of the Department urging them to take admission as early as possible, but not later than two weeks from the start of the classes, on payment of the requisite fees. Candidates are advised to contact the Department for information regarding the selection procedure.

Course Registration

The candidates finally selected for admission have to fill in the Course Registration Form to be available from the Department. A full-time student must register a minimum of 12 (twelve) credit hours and a maximum of 15 (fifteen) credit hours per semester. A part-time student should register for a maximum of 9 (nine) credit hours per semester. 

List of Courses for Postgraduate Programs in Civil Engineering leading to the award of Postgraduate (M. Sc. Engg. and M. Engg.) Degrees and Diploma

Course No.

Course Title

CE 6101

Boundary Element Method

CE 6103

Theory of Elasticity

CE 6105

Theory of Plates

CE 6107

Plastic Design of Structures

CE 6109

Elastic Stability of Structures

CE 6111

Analysis and Design of Shells

CE 6113

Finite Element Methods I

CE 6115

Computer Methods in Civil Engineering

CE 6117

Advanced Design of Concrete Structures

CE 6119

Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings

CE 6121

Bridge Engineering

CE 6123

Finite Element Methods II

CE 6125

Structural Dynamic and Seismic Design of Structures

CE 6127

Structural Brickwork

CE 6129

Advanced Theory and Design of Steel Structure

CE 6131

Advanced Concrete Technology

CE 6133

Theory and Design of Structural Concrete

CE 6134

Experimental Methods in Structural Engineering

CE 6201

Theory of Water Treatment

CE 6203

Theory of Sewage Treatment

CE 6205

Biology of Sewage and Polluted Waters

CE 6207

Environmental Sanitation

CE 6209

Industrial Water and Waste Treatment

CE 6211

Municipal and Rural Sanitation

CE 6213

Water Pollution and its Control

CE 6215

Water Supply Engineering and Design

CE 6217

Sewerage and Drainage Engineering Design

CE 6219

Environmental Management

CE 6221

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

CE 6223

Surface Water Quality Modeling

CE 6225

Environmental Fluid Dynamics

CE 6227

Aquatic Chemistry for Environmental Engineers

CE 6301

Soil Mechanics I

CE 6303

Soil Mechanics II

CE 6305

Foundation Analysis Methods

CE 6307

Earth Pressure and Retaining Structures

CE 6309

Earth Dams and Stability of Slopes

CE 6311

Rock mechanics

CE 6313

Soil Dynamics

CE 6315

Advanced Engineering Geology

CE 6317

Reinforced Earth

CE 6319

Constitutive Modeling in Soil Mechanics

CE 6321

Earthquake Engineering

CE 6401

Transportation Engineering

CE 6403

Geometric Design of Highways

CE 6405

Highway Materials

CE 6407

Advanced Surveying

CE 6409

Structural Design of Pavements

CE 6411

Traffic Engineering

CE 6413

Railway Engineering

CE 6415


CE 6417

Planning and Design of Airports

CE 6419

Transportation Planning

CE 6421

Transportation Engineering Economics

CE 6423

Traffic Simulation

CE 6425

GIS and Remote Sensing in Transportation

CE 6427

Fundamentals of ITS and Traffic Management

CE 6429

Transportation Demand Analysis

CE 6501

Operations Analysis for Productivity Construction

CE 6503

Construction Project Administration

CE 6505

Economic Decision Analysis in Construction

CE 6507

Construction Planning and Scheduling

CE 6509

Construction Cost Estimating and Control

CE 6511

System Analysis in Construction

CE 6513

Design of Construction Job Facilities

CE 6515

Construction Equipment Management

CE 6601

Advanced Fluid Mechanics-1

CE 6603

Advanced Fluid Mechanics-2

CE 6605

Open Channel Flow

CE 6607


CE 6609

Statistical Method in Hydrology

CE 6611

Ground Water Hydraulics

CE 6613

Flow Through Porous Media

CE 6615

Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

CE 6617

River Engineering

CE 6619

Sediment Transport

CE 6621

Water Power Engineering

CE 6623

Hydraulic Structures

CE 6625

Photogrammetry in Water Resource

CE 6627

Computational River Morphology

CE 6629

River Basin management

CE 6631

Integrated Water Resources Management

CE 6633

Physical Modeling and Hydraulic Similitude

CE 6635

Mathematical Modeling

CE 6637

Water Resources Economics

CE 6639

Operation and Maintenance of Water Resource System

CE 6641

Coastal Engineering

CE 6643

Estuarine Hydraulics

CE 6645

Hydraulics of Port and Harbor Engineering

CE 6647

Coastal Zone Management

Bulletin for the Postgraduate Degree Programs

Academic Fees