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Civil Engineering

Date: 2023-08-29

Seminar on “Reinforcement for Concrete Structures”

The AUST Civil Engineering Society (ACES) in collaboration with the ACI AUST Student Chapter organized a seminar centered around the topic of "Reinforcement for Concrete Structures." This event took place on August 14, 2023, within Seminar Room of the Honorable Vice Chancellor, AUST. The seminar was proudly supported by the affiliated entity of The Structural Engineering Limited (SEL), RMC (Readymix and Concrete). The primary objective of this seminar was to illuminate the various Engineering Properties associated with Reinforcement in the context of concrete structures.

Speech by Prof. Dr. Sharmin Reza Chowdhury Head, Department of Civil Engineering, AUST President, AUST Civil Engineering Society (ACES)
Speech by the Honorable Vice-Chancellor of AUST (In-charge), Professor Dr. Mohammed Mahbubur Rahman

Distinguished attendees graced the occasion, among them the Honorable Vice-Chancellor of AUST (In-charge), Professor Dr. Mohammed Mahbubur Rahman, who presided over the event as the Chief Guest. The role of the keynote speaker was fulfilled by Dr. Khan Mahmud Amanat, a highly renowned Professor from the Department of Civil Engineering at BUET. His presence as the keynote speaker greatly enriched the proceedings. Noteworthy participants also included Professor Dr. Sharmin Reza Chowdhury, who holds the position of Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at AUST, and Professor Dr. Md. Mahmudur Rahman, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at AUST. The event witnessed the enthusiastic attendance of faculty members, along with eager 4th-year students from the Department of Civil Engineering. The students' presence indicated their eagerness to gain insights from the experts and learn about the practical aspects of reinforcement for concrete structures.

Keynote Presentation by Dr. Khan Mahmud Amanat, BUET
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Mahbubur Rahman, Honorable Vice-Chancellor (In-charge), AUST is giving crest to the Keynote Speaker

During his presentation, Dr. Khan Mahmud Amanat captivated the audience with his profound knowledge experience. He commenced his lecture by shedding light on the history of rebar production in Bangladesh, setting the stage for a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Dr. Amanat's discourse extended to seismic provisions of rebar, including aspects such as strength, ductility, and surface deformation. His emphasis on comprehending the engineering properties of rebar for effective quality control resonated with the audience, particularly the students.

Furthermore, Dr. Amanat discussed various international codes and standards that play a pivotal role in the field, such as those in ASTM (USA) and ISO (Europe), as well as the BDS ISO 6935-2. These insights not only expanded the attendees' horizons but also highlighted the global significance of engineering practices.

At the end of the presentation, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Mahbubur Rahman, Honorable Vice-Chancellor (In-charge), AUST, handed over crests to the guest speaker.

The honorable guests,the faculty members and organizer present at the seminar

In conclusion, the seminar on "Reinforcement for Concrete Structures" organized by the AUST Civil Engineering Society (ACES) and the ACI AUST Student Chapter proved to be an enlightening and enriching event. The presence of esteemed figures including the Honorable Vice-Chancellor (In-charge), Professor Dr. Mohammed Mahbubur Rahman, and the keynote speaker, Dr. Khan Mahmud Amanat, added substantial value to the proceedings. The seminar effectively underscored the importance of understanding the engineering properties of reinforcement for concrete structures, as highlighted by Dr. Amanat's insightful discourse on historical, seismic, and international standards aspects. The enthusiastic participation of both faculty members and 4th-year Civil Engineering students demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing their knowledge in the Civil Engineering field.