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Department of

Civil Engineering

Date: 2018-01-22


A daylong colorful picnic named “AUST CE Faculty Picnic 2018” was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, AUST only for the Faculty members and their family in 22nd January, 2018 at Aronnobas Resort, Pubail, Gazipur. Seven Ring cement sponsored an amount in the picnic. The honorable Head Prof. Dr. S. Reza Chowdhury with all Professors, Assistant Professors, Lectures and Lab attendant with their family attended the picnic. The journey was started from AUST at 8.00 am with two buses. One bus for Professors and senior Assistant Professors and another bus for junior Assistant Professors, Lecturers and Lab Attendants. Both buses reached the desired location in 9.30 pm. After reaching their all members had their breakfast. After the breakfast there was one-hour time for self refreshment. In that time some faculty members had coffee, some enjoying the nature, some playing cricket and football, some having swimming, Lady Faculty members enjoyed badminton. After the self refreshment time Sports session for all members started in the hall room. The sports session was including Throwing Ball in Basket, Throwing Dirt, Memory Game, Dum Smash, Child (Fly), Pillow Fight, Couple Game. There were prizes for each sport. After the sport segment at 2 pm all members had their lunch together. After the lunch session a colorful cultural session started at 3 pm. Only Faculty members participated the session. There were songs, acting, dances and short film. Honorable Head Prof. Dr. S. Reza Chowdhury also sang a song. After the cultural session the picnic ended with evening snack: shiterpitha. Two buses started their return journey at 6pm and reached to AUST at 7.30 pm.