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Civil Engineering

Date: 2018-03-06

Discussion Meeting 2 on “The Development of the Department”

A discussion meeting was held on 5th March 2018 in the conference room of CE Department. It was an interactive session based on individual point-of-views, constructive comments and insightful suggestions given by all Assistant professors and Lecturers in form of write ups prior to the meeting for the betterment of the department. It is to be noted here that in this open discussion, only new points have been taken into account. Many suggested points that had already been discussed in the previous BUGS meetings were not discussed here.

Head, CE, Prof. Dr. Sharmin Reza Chowdhury, delivering his speech in the Discussion Meeting

At the onset of the discussion session, Head, CE gratefully acknowledged the active participation of all the faculty members. Only Lecturers and Assistant Professors were participated in the discussion with Head of the Department to allow and give them the more opportunity to discuss various issues they would like to discuss freely and extensively since in formal BUGS meeting time is usually very limited. He also added that some of these important issues will be discussed in next BUGS meeting where all faculty members will be present. Issues were categorized as i) issues discussed in the meeting, where contemporary important issues were discussed, ii) issues to be discussed in the future meeting, iii)issues to be discussed with higher authority. In every category, first the issue raised by the faculty is written and respective discussion is made accordingly.

Head, CE, Prof. Dr. Sharmin Reza Chowdhury, discussing about the “Development of the Department”

Issues discussed in the meeting:

In the discussion meeting, CE, Head invited all the Assistant Professors and Lecturers to an open discussion to discuss different departmental issues/problems/situations regarding teaching process for the development of the department. In the meeting some issues were discussed. For example, Language lab/ club can be developed in AUST to improve the English skill of students; departmental PC’s need to be password-protected; activities of all faculty members should be traced; Multimedia projectors, telephones, internet connection should be provided in all laboratories; room wise routine can be made available to the faculty members; lab attendants need to be offered training program for the improvement of their soft skills as well as laboratory skill; Enrichment of Departmental library; faculty member can arrange tutorial class for students; Department of CE, AUST can organize conference at National/International level; some sessions may be arranged to review the renowned journals/books/ articles to educate/apprise the faculty members on latest issues; sharing of the professional activities of the senior faculty members; training program for newly appointed lecturers; Internship program for students. Some issues were also discussed in the meeting for the improvement and enrichment of the department.

Issues to be discussed in future meeting:

Some issues like setting question papers, evaluation criteria of exam papers, policy on challenged grades; sharing practical experience and professional exposure; more involvement of Professors in 3rd and 4th year structure design and theory courses; publication of souvenir/ journal; utilization of PL time by organizing a workshop on certain topics (such as Sap, Matlab etc.); arranging periodical interactive session on methodology of teaching; finding a better alternative to Lab Quizzes; preparing a generalized excel worksheet; developing a proper guideline for mid and final quizzes etc. will discussed in the future meeting.

Issues to be discussed with Higher Authority:

Head, CE will discuss these following issues with higher authority-

  • Professional work through Center for extension service (CES) should be initiated positively.
  • For the sake of both teachers and students, it is better to keep/ maintain at least 5 minutes break in between two classes/lectures.
  • Department of CE, AUST can arrange workshop for teachers/ex-students with the members of professional bodies i.e. experienced (senior) engineers of PWD/RHD/LGED/MES.
  • Faculty members need sufficient space and facilities for themselves.
  • Proper process of late registration of re-add students need to be maintained in theory class.

Finally, Head, CE thanked all assistant professors and lecturers for their valuable suggestions/opinion for the development of the department.