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Civil Engineering

Date: 2023-10-15

Professional Talk on CE 208; Quantity Surveying

A Professional Talk on “CE 208; Quantity Surveying” organized by the Department of Civil Engineering was held on Thursday, 3rd August 2023 at Room no. 2A06, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST), under the Chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Sharmin Reza Chowdhury, Head, Department of Civil Engineering, AUST.

Executive Engineer (Civil), Public Works Development (PWD), Mr. Rashed Ahsan was the keynote speaker. Prof. Dr. Sharmin Reza Chowdhury, Head, Department of Civil Engineering, AUST, the course coordinators, course teachers of CE 200 and CE 208 of Fall’22 and other faculties along with students of 2nd year 2nd semester were present in the session.

The Honorable Head, Prof. Dr. Sharmin Reza Chowdhury, greeted all the students to the session and introduced the program speaker. After that, he discussed on recently developed construction materials, cost-effective sustainable options, and updated cost estimation techniques. He also suggested getting updated on the current new resources apart from conventional textbooks to get prepare for the job market. Then, Mr. Shafiqul Islam also addressed the program speaker to all the students. After that, the program started officially.

The speaker welcomed all the students and thanked the departmental Head for his valuable speech. After that, he introduced himself as well to the students. He is now working as Executive Engineer, in the Public Work Department (PWD). He graduated from BUET in 2011. Professionally he is a certified engineer and worked in different capacities and organizations such as in the ready-mix company, World University, UITS, WaterAid, etc.

Mr. Rashed Ahsan shared invaluable insights on the topic of "Estimation of Building" based on his extensive field experience. Key Highlights of Mr. Mr. Rashed Ahsan's Speech:

Introduction to Quantity Surveying: Mr. Ahsan began by introducing the fundamental concept of Quantity Surveying and its critical role in the construction industry. He emphasized how precise estimation is the cornerstone of successful project management.

Types of Estimates: Mr. Ahsan elaborated on the different types of estimates, including Preliminary, Approximate, and Detailed Estimates. He elucidated when each type should be used and the significance of early-stage estimates in project planning.

Methods and Techniques: He delved into various methods and techniques employed in estimating building quantities, elucidating both traditional and modern approaches. Specifically, Mr. Ahsan highlighted the importance of the PWD rate schedule 2022 as a valuable tool for accurately estimating construction costs. This rate schedule, provided by the Public Works Department, contains standardized rates for materials, labor, and services commonly used in construction projects. It serves as a crucial reference for professionals in the field, helping ensure transparency and consistency in cost estimation for building projects. This information aids in budgeting, project planning, and resource allocation, making it an essential resource for the construction industry.

Factors Affecting Estimation: Addressing the complexity of estimation, he highlighted factors that can influence the accuracy of estimates, such as design alterations, site conditions, and fluctuations in material costs.

Real-world Examples: Drawing from his field experience, Mr. Ashan shared insightful real-world examples and case studies of building estimation projects. He demonstrated how to estimate the cost of a 13-storey building using the PWD rate schedule 2022 with detailed calculations and drawings.

Challenges and Solutions: He candidly discussed the challenges often encountered during the estimation process and offered practical solutions and best practices for mitigating these challenges.

The speech was followed by an engaging Q&A session, during which Mr. Ahsan fielded questions and further clarified key points. The presence of Prof. Dr. Sharmin Reza Chowdhury, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at AUST, and the enthusiastic participation of faculty members and students from the 2nd year, 2nd semester of the Department of Civil Engineering, added depth and vibrancy to the discussion.

Extending heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Rashed Ahsan for sharing his expertise and making this professional talk a resounding success. His insights have undoubtedly enriched our understanding of quantity surveying and its pivotal role in the world of civil engineering.

Speech by Prof. Dr. Sharmin Reza Chowdhury, Head, Department of Civil Engineering, AUST & President, AUST Civil Engineering Society (ACES).
Speech by Keynote Speaker, Mr. Rashed Ahsan, Executive Engineer (Civil), Public Works Development (PWD).
The audience of the Professional Talk on “CE 208; Quantity Surveying”
Question and Answer session of the Professional Talk on “CE 208; Quantity Surveying”