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Civil Engineering

Date: 2023-07-31

AUST Civilian's Iftar Mahfil 2023

On March 31, 2023, the AUST Civil Engineering Society (ACES) arranged a delightful Iftar Mahfil within the premises of AUST. This event brought together students, alumni, and faculty members from the Department of Civil Engineering, creating a vibrant gathering. The treasurer of ACES and Assistant Professor, Mr. Shafiqul Islam, graced the occasion with his presence, adding to the significance of the event. The Iftar Mahfil commenced with a recitation from the holy Quran, setting a spiritual tone for the evening. Mr. Shafiqul Islam expressed his sincere appreciation to the organizing members for their efforts in putting together such a memorable event. He emphasized the immense value of such gatherings, highlighting their ability to foster a sense of camaraderie and facilitate interactions among students, alumni, and faculty members.

Following the opening remarks, a combined Munajat took place, where all attendees joined in heartfelt prayers to the Almighty. They beseeched the divine for the acceptance of their fasts and wished for abundant rewards. The atmosphere was filled with a shared sense of devotion and unity. As the Munajat concluded, it signaled the arrival of the Iftar time, a moment eagerly anticipated by everyone present. The participants joyfully gathered around and partook in the Iftar meal, savoring the delicious food in a festive ambiance. Laughter, conversation, and a sense of togetherness prevailed, creating an atmosphere of warmth and celebration.

The Iftar Mahfil organized by ACES proved to be an exceptional event, fostering a strong bond among the members of the civil engineering community at AUST. It served as a reminder of the importance of communal harmony and provided an opportunity for individuals to strengthen their relationships while sharing the blessings of the holy month.

Mr. Shafiqul Islam with Faculty members
Students along with Faculty members in the Iftar Mahfil