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Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology has Master of Education program under the Faculty of Education. Since its inception, the Faculty of Education has been functioning smoothly with the professed aim of imparting quality teaching and training to turn out a cadre of honest, hard-working, devoted and dedicated teachers imbued with ennobling ideals, zeal and enthusiasm for making worthwhile contribution for raising the standard of teaching in the secondary level of education which has been facing a setback for lack of adequately trained teachers.

From the beginning, the faculty has been maintaining a high standard of education and training, performing multi dimensional functions aiming at realizing the objectives of the teacher education curriculum and training strategies, enabling the trainees to organize learning resources, planning effective curriculum transaction strategies, conducting interactive classroom teaching, evaluating the out come of learning, implementing compensatory education programmes, acquiring the competency of preparing teaching aids and their proper use and also many other educational programmes.

Along with curricular programmes, the Faculty has devised various co-curricular programmes to equip the trainees ethically, mentally and intellectually so as to shape them as well balanced and well-integrated personnel who will be equipped to impart total education to the learners.