The AUST Journal of Science and Technology [Volume-6 Issue-1 & 2]





Rafia Afrin


Analysing the potential of Altman's Z-score for prediction of market performance and share returns - A case study of the cement industry in Bangladesh





  Md. Hafez    

Factors Affecting Green Purchase Behavior of Bangladeshi Customers : A Study on Energy Saving Lamp





  Abdullah-Al- Monzur Hussain    

Commercial Dispute Settlement in Bangladesh: A Critical Review





  Parul Akhter    

An Assessment of the Relationship between Total Quality Management and Organizational Performance: A Study on Textile and RMG Industry of Bangladesh





  Jayedi Aman, Nishat Rashida    

Spatial configuration in relation with traffic noise in Dhaka city






Dr. Shehzad Zahir, Ar. Razia Sultana


Investigating the Potentiality of Home Based Workers in Urban Slum Area, Dhaka






A S M Fahad Hossain, Dr. Mehedi Ahmed Ansary


PS Logging for site response analysis in Dhaka city






Sarah Bashneen Suchana, Syeda Faeza Hasan, Farjana Rahman


Rethinking Spatial Performance to Address Liveability of Accessible Neighbourhood Greens (ANGs) in Mohammadpur, Dhaka