The AUST Journal of Science and Technology [Volume-5 Issue-1]





Shirajom Monira Khondker


Documentation on Five Colonial Buildings of Panam Nagar: Structure, Material, Decoration and Ornamentation





  Shafiqul Islam and Md. Mashfiqul Islam    

Analysis on the Structural Systems for Drift Control of Tall Buildings due to Wind Load: Critical Investigation on Building Heights





  Rifat Pervin Bokhari; Tamanna Parvin Eva    

Identifying the Factors of Work Environment and Compensation - From the Perspective of Employee Motivation





  Raziya Sultana Chowdhury, Khaled Mohammed and Koushik Biswas    

Performance of Artificial Neural Network Models for Groundwater Level Forecasting in Dhaka City





  Mohammad Tawhidul Alam, Tofaeel Ahamed, Younus Tareq Ahsanullah Wahid and Sohorab Hossain    

Prospect of Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Generation in Bangladesh through Sea Water Pumping






Zasiah Tafheem, A.S.M Rubaiat Nahid, Tanzeelur Rahman and Tariq Mohammad Shamim


Effect of Edge Beam and Shear Wall on the Structural Behavior of Flat Plate Multistoried Building: A Computing Modeling for lateral load Analysis